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No Sanity Required

May 4,

No Sanity Stories: Crazy Phone Calls

[buzzsprout episode=’3544048′ player=’true’] Brody discusses two of the most memorable phone calls he’s ever received. One involves the Secret Service and the other was from Robert Lane in the jungles …

Apr 30,

Every Man is a Theologian

[buzzsprout episode=’3214861′ player=’true’] Fathers, how can we prepare our children with solid answers for the questions they will face when they leave our homes? We need to disciple our children …

Apr 27,

King of Kings

[buzzsprout episode=’3285712′ player=’true’] We were created for eternity. This is a boot camp to prepare us to reign with Christ for eternity. The only thing that matters on that day …

Apr 23,

Carry a Sword, Trust in the Lord

[buzzsprout episode=’3463036′ player=’true’] What does the Bible say about self-defense? How should Christians view the use of weapons for self-defense? Throughout history, God has used people (with weapons in their …

Apr 20,

Round Table: Dealing With Temptation

[buzzsprout episode=’3176890′ player=’true’] How do you deal with temptation? Temptation itself is not sin. How do we live in the reality of temptation, but not yield to it? We must …

Apr 16,

The Anchor of Christ in the Storm of Depression

[buzzsprout episode=’3303922′ player=’true’]   Depression and anxiety are real. And, Christians aren’t immune to them. But, there is a difference in how we deal with it. How are Christians able …

Apr 13,

Present Sufferings & Future Glory

[buzzsprout episode=’3261742′ player=’true’] How do we make sense of suffering? “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to …

Apr 6,

Does Disaster Come to a City, Unless the Lord Has Done it?

[buzzsprout episode=’3216070′ player=’true’] “Is a trumpet blown in a city, and the people are not afraid? Does disaster come to a city, unless the Lord has done it?” Amos 3:6 …

Apr 2,

Round Table: Who Wrote The Bible & How Should We Read It?

[buzzsprout episode=’3173260′ player=’true’] What is the verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture? The Snowbird pastors discussed the authority and accuracy of God’s Word and how God expects us to respond to …

Mar 30,

Doubt and Faith: Assurance of Our Salvation

[buzzsprout episode=’3001810′ player=’true’] Have you ever doubted your salvation? Or, do you wrestle with finding assurance of things God has already promised in Scripture? The Bible teaches us that we …

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