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No Sanity Required

Sep 24,

NSR: What Happens To Babies When They Die?

This is such a difficult question emotionally and theologically, so it’s important for believers to look to Scripture for our understanding on this topic. Will babies go to hell if …

Sep 21,

NSR: Suffering, Suicide, and Eternal Hope

In this episode, Brody walks through how believers should view suffering and suicide from a Biblical perspective. He shares two different stories of people he knew who committed suicide. This …

Sep 14,

NSR: Proofs of the Resurrection, From Doubting Brothers to Faithful Martyrs

[buzzsprout episode=’5363635′ player=’true’] Christians must be able to give a defense for their faith. The testimonies of His half-brothers, Jude and James, provide strong evidence to support the resurrection of …

Sep 10,

NSR: Proofs of the Resurrection: Simple Apologetics & Personal Holiness

Everyone has an opinion on the supernatural. It’s curious why people push hard against the Resurrection. It’s important for us to be able to “give a defense” for the faith …

Sep 3,

NSR: SWO Recap & Conversation With Mo

[buzzsprout episode=’5230942′ player=’true’] SWO20 Summer Camp is a wrap! Our pastors taught on the Drama of Doctrine and our staff faithfully invested in students day after day. We watched God …

Aug 26,

NSR: Our Brother in Africa: Update (Pt. 4)

[buzzsprout episode=’5259697′ player=’true’] Less than two years ago, there was no Gospel movement among this Muslim people group in Sub-Sahara Africa. Now, there are well over 100 Christians gathering in …

Aug 4,

A Conversation on Pain, Suffering, & Trusting Jesus

[buzzsprout episode=’4840766′ player=’true’] What does hope look like in the middle of suffering? Suffering isn’t easy, but the Gospel gives us hope—that’s sometimes unexplainable. Brody had this conversation with Brooke …

Jul 27,

Jacob: Comfort, Selfishness, & Failed Leadership

[buzzsprout episode=’4685018′ player=’true’] As crazy as your family reunions are, your family isn’t quite as crazy as Jacob and his kids. His selfish deceitfulness not only impacted his family right …

Jul 24,

SWO20 Update & Interview With Mo

[buzzsprout episode=’4684709′ player=’true’] This week, Brody gave an update on how SWO20 Summer Camp has been going and let us in on a quick interview with his youngest son, Moses. …

Jun 29,

Ruth: Jesus & His Crazy Grandmas

[buzzsprout episode=’4149647′ player=’true’] We serve a God that is greater than the worse of human tragedies, and He has a purpose for our redemption. Throughout the time of the Judges, …

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