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No Sanity Required

Jun 22,

Tamar: Jesus & His Crazy Grandmas

[buzzsprout episode=’4132064′ player=’true’] There is no family more interesting that Jesus’ family. Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, and everyone in-between exemplifies the craziness of sin that Jesus was born into. And yet, …

Jun 17,

Our Brother in Africa: What’s Happening Now (pt. 3)

[buzzsprout episode=’4160018′ player=’true’] Listen to Part 1 Listen to Part 2 This is Part 3 of Amir’s story. Brody and Bobby cover his capture, physical persecution, rescue, and finish with …

Jun 16,

A Story of Faith & Persecution in Africa (pt. 2)

[buzzsprout episode=’4160216′ player=’true’] Listen to Part 1 Listen to Part 3 This is Part 2 of Amir’s story of salvation, discipleship, persecution, and God’s faithfulness in Africa. The Gospel spreads …

Jun 15,

A Story of Faith & Persecution in Africa (pt. 1)

[buzzsprout episode=’4160426′ player=’true’] The Word of God is a lion that simply needs to be let out of the cage. Take the leash off and turn it loose. This is …

Jun 1,

Rahab: Jesus & His Crazy Grandmas

[buzzsprout episode=’3556834′ player=’true’] The mission to send spies into Jericho was a rescue mission for Rahab. Yahweh didn’t need more information about the walls of Jericho to conquer the city. …

May 21,

A Conversation on Parenting with Brody & Little Holloway

[buzzsprout episode=’3859643′ player=’true’] Brody Holloway and his wife, Little, share some deeply personal stories from their 20 years of parenting. They discuss what they’ve learned through biblical wisdom and life …

May 18,

A Conversation on Marriage with Brody & Little Holloway

[buzzsprout episode=’3776828′ player=’true’] Coming up on 26 years of marriage, Brody and Little Holloway have started to figure out a rhythm that is worth learning from. Don’t listen to your …

May 14,

Round Table: Why the Local Church Matters

[buzzsprout episode=’3435931′ player=’true’] Why does the local church matter so much? What is the value of being grafted into the local church, even as a teenager? The Snowbird teachers discuss …

May 11,

Round Table: Why Do People Think Youth Ministry is a Joke?

Just want the audio version? [buzzsprout episode=’3401866′ player=’true’] What does it take for a church (and youth pastor) to do student ministry well? Why do people think youth ministry is …

May 7,

Round Table: Fighting Sin, The War is Already Won

[buzzsprout episode=’3400015′ player=’true’] We know we need to fight sin, but how? The Bible teaches us to fight from the position of our identity as forgiven children of God. When …

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