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Winter SWO

Mar 22,

Prepare Your Mind For Action

Spencer Davis  | Winter SWO22  | Session 6 Christians, we need to prepare our minds for action. Our old self would give in to any desire it wanted to—not caring about …

Mar 15,

Glorify God Through Your Sufferings

Rob Conti  | Winter SWO 22 | Session Five The One who has saved and rescued us is the only One who has the power to keep us. God has …

Mar 10,

The Living and Abiding Word of God

Rob Conti | Winter SWO 22 | Session Three  The Word of God is central to our salvation and sanctification.  As believers, we need to examine what we are filling …

Mar 8,

Living Hope Through Our Trials

Brody Holloway | Winter SWO 22  | Session Four  The weight of the crucifixion is necessary to understand the power of the resurrection. God has given us an inheritance with …

Mar 3,

Christ Is Our Living Hope

Brody Holloway | Winter SWO | Saturday Morning Ask yourself: Where are you putting your hope? In your friends, talents, hobbies, or relationships? Peter teaches us a lot about the “living …

Mar 1,

Learning From The Life of Peter

Brody Holloway | Winter SWO 2022 | Friday Night The Christian life will be filled with highs and lows.   Throughout seasons of hardships, we need to keep our eyes …

Mar 25,

The Freedom in Christ

Winter SWO 2021 | Brody Holloway | John 8 There’s an excitement believers experience when they first come to know the Lord. But you will face times in your life …

Mar 23,

The Bread of Life that Satisfies Eternally

Winter SWO 2021 | Spencer Davis | Exodus 17 & John 6 In Exodus 17 and John 6 we see a theme of people wanting their physical needs met by …

Mar 18,

The Bride of Christ

Winter SWO 2021 | Rob Conti | John 4 In this sermon, Rob looks at the story of the woman at the well and how Jesus lovingly and boldly calls …

Mar 11,

Jesus Breaks Down All Barriers

Winter SWO 2021 | Brody Holloway | John 4 We have the answers to today’s social issues in the life of Jesus. During Jesus’ life on earth, He crushed barriers …

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