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No Sanity Required

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The Preeminience of Christ

A Bible study through the Book of Colossians by Zach Mabry.

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No Sanity Required Podcast

No Sanity Required is a weekly podcast hosted by Brody Holloway and Snowbird Outfitters.

Jul 17,

25 Years Protecting Presidents in the Secret Service (Part 2) | No Sanity Stories

In this episode, Brody continues his conversation with Scott Bryson, his first cousin who recently retired from the Secret Service. They discuss God’s sovereignty and some funny stories from his …

Jul 16,

25 Years Protecting Presidents in the Secret Service | No Sanity Stories

In this episode, Brody sits down with his first cousin, Scott Bryson, a recently retired Secret Service Agent. During his career, he’s served to protect five U.S. Presidents, from Clinton …

Jul 3,

The Reality of Hell

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1 In this episode, Brody walks through Mark 9 and discusses the reality of sin …

Jun 24,

The Dwindling Desire to Grow Up (Part 2)

In this episode, Brody continues the conversation on the lack of young adults stepping into adulthood. He walks through the first 4 chapters of the book, The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt, …

Jun 12,

The Dwindling Desire to Grow Up (Part 1)

How do we address this cultural issue of students not wanting to step into adulthood? A recent survey from, where they surveyed employers on interviewing young adults today, tells …

Jun 6,

Why God Disciplines Us & How We Should Respond | Respond

Brody Holloway | Respond Women’s Retreat Why does God discipline Christians? It’s not for revenge or out of spite — he disciplines us out of love and affirms that we’re his sons …

Jun 4,

Jesus’ Authority Over Satan

Satan is the father of lies. He attacks us in our weakest moments and right after great victories in our lives. So, we need to be aware of Satan’s schemes …

Jun 4,

Entanglements & Endurance | Respond

Bethany Clark | Respond Women’s Retreat How can we run the race faithfully as women in this distracting world? In this session, Bethany Clark walks through Hebrews 12 and discusses …

May 30,

Remaining Anchored Through Suffering | Respond

Anna Rose Garrett | Respond Women’s Retreat We are not promised an easy life just because we’re Christians. We live in a fallen world and we will go through suffering …

May 28,

The Remedy For Weak Faith | Respond

Brooke Lovingood | Respond Women’s Retreat Temporary things cannot uphold an eternal soul. The remedy to your weak faith is the hope of Jesus. In this session, Brooke Lovingood walks …

May 27,

Be On Mission | SWO24 Kickoff

It’s day 1 of SWO24 Summer Camp! Please be praying for our staff and the students that will be arriving today!  In this episode, Brody interviews some of the guys …

May 21,

Kelly Schwarting | SWO Stories

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