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No Sanity Required

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The Preeminience of Christ

A Bible study through the Book of Colossians by Zach Mabry.

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No Sanity Required Podcast

No Sanity Required is a weekly podcast hosted by Brody Holloway and Snowbird Outfitters.

Apr 19,

Authority Over All – Luke 4

Luke 4:1-12 – Jesus is Tempted Right after his baptism, Jesus was “led by the Spirit in the wilderness” (Luke 4:1). The purpose of this time was for him to …

Apr 19,

The Roots of Christ’s Authority – Luke 3

Luke 3:1-6 – John the Wild Man This chapter gives us the first look into John the Baptist’s ministry, and to put it bluntly – he was a wild man. …

Apr 19,

Humility and Authority – Luke 2

Luke 2:1-7 – Kingly Humility This is a familiar story. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and try to find a place to stay, but there is no room for …

Apr 19,

The Coming Authority of Christ – Luke 1

Day 1 – The Coming Authority of Christ Luke 1 The question we want to ask throughout this study continually is: How does this prepare us to see Christ’s authority?  It …

Apr 18,

Lanna Ray & Southside Baptist | SWO Stories

There is simply no shortcut to biblical discipleship.  Gospel-centered discipleship and sanctification is a life-long process, and that’s why we love to see how the Lord produces fruit in churches …

Apr 18,

Counseling Biblically | Iron on Iron

Every time we minister to students we face a variety of issues and we are giving counsel to them whether we think it’s counseling or not. Student ministry and counseling …

Apr 16,

The Importance of Teaching From A Biblical Worldview | Iron on Iron

Our students are constantly bombarded with a lot of decontextualized information and they need to understand how it all fits into an overall worldview. If they are going to survive …

Apr 11,

Christ Will Keep You | Iron on Iron

You will be under attack if you’re teaching or preaching the Word. Believers have always been facing the same enemies; the world, the flesh, and the devil. In this session, …

Apr 9,

Beyond the Flannelgraph | Demas, Drifting, & How to Stay Faithful Pt. 2

Sin is deceptive and deceitful. It can cause us to turn away from the Lord. In this episode, Brody continues his conversation about Demas and walks through 7 things we …

Apr 9,

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God | Iron on Iron

As believers, we have a responsibility to recognize wolves in our communities. We will know them by how they live their lives; as unauthentic believers. God calls believers to be …

Apr 8,

Beyond the Flannelgraph | Demas, Drifting, & How to Stay Faithful Pt. 1

How do we live faithfully for the Lord and prevent drifting away? In this episode, Brody discusses the life of Demus, why people tend to drift away, and how we …

Apr 4,

How to Spot a Wolf | Iron on Iron

Some people claim to be Christians but aren’t. They infiltrate the church and lead people away from the Lord. How do we spot these wolves in our churches? In this …

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